Rosemary Baughman
Executive Director,
LCSW, CADC, EAGALA Advanced certified, Military Certified

Rosemary has over 20 years experience in the field of mental and behavioral health, working with children, youth and adults in a variety of settings including addictions, Veterans administration, Crisis and home based. Rosemary is a certified addictions counselor, certified in Parent Child Interactive Therapy, has training in play, attachment and trauma focused therapies. Rosemary is a believer in experiential learning and that given opportunities and appropriate support, participants will be able to find the best solutions for themselves. Rosemary became quickly aware of the healing power of horses as she encouraged her daughters equine passion beginning at age 2 and researched effective methods to bring this into her mental health practice. In 2012 she became certified in the EAGALA model of EAP and has been privileged since then to be a part of a professional team that provides this effective, alternative method of healing.

Phone: (302) 491-6946

Providing quality​ equine assisted psychotherapy and learning opportunities

Our mission is to incorporate the healing power of horses to provide quality psychotherapy and personal development opportunities to individuals, families, groups, businesses and corporations.